Benefits of Sponsoring Us!

  • Brand visibility and interaction.
  • Logo placement in the festival’s online platforms, marketing and promotional materials.
  • Mentions by the MC in between events as a sponsor/partner.
  • Branding in the various event spaces or festival grounds depending on the nature of support.
  • Opportunity to input in the design and delivery of series of festival events in line with the sponsor’s interests, priorities and objectives (depending on the level of support)
  • Opportunity to input in the program development of the festival especially those in line with the sponsor’s interests and objectives.
  • Opportunity to set up an exhibition booth to market/sell products or services and interact with customers/potential customers.
  • Build up activities pre-festival with key opinion leaders in the community at least a month to the festival depending on level of support
  • When you support the cultural pageant, the Cultural Ambassadors selected will help in promoting your brands for the one year period they will have the crown. This includes promoting activities in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility. (The Cultural Ambassadors are between the ages of 20 to 25)
  • Opportunity to crown the winning teams in the various participating categories that you will support.
  • Festival build-up activities at least a month before the festival.
  • Additional benefits may be customized to support marketing or business objectives of the partner/sponsor 

Corporate Sponsorship

We have four types of corporate sponsorship.

Rusinga Festival Sponsors
Click here to contact organiser for details.

Other Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Exhibition Spaces Expose your brand to the festival goers over the two-day period by branded tent, selling opportunity and networking
Session Sponsorship Attach your company name and logo to a Festival event of your choice – listed as ‘Sponsored by’ or ‘Presented in partnership with’ in related print and online marketing materials. Display your logo (or banner) at the event and have a representative address the audience/introduce the session  
Production of Theatre Performance (artistic pieces in memory of Tom Mboya)   This entails production costs from production inception to final staging.  
Wifi and power bar (phone charging stations) sponsorship   Social media has always been our greatest asset in terms of promoting the festival to the world.  
Sponsoring an artist(s)   Transport, accommodation and allowance of the artist(s)  
Sponsoring a blogger   Transport, accommodation and allowance of the blogger  
In kind support   This may be in the form of airline tickets, internet for our media tent, hotel accommodation, meals for artists and 100 volunteers, media coverage and other logistical costs  

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